Club Management

A well managed club is a club that is both successful and sustainable. For your club to be well managed it is important that its structure is appropriate for  your needs, your governance helps you to run the club effectively and you are regularly planning for the future!

Club Structure

Most triathlon clubs are formed, and continue to run, as a group of individuals bound together by common rules (or club constitution), this is know as an unincorporated association. An unincorporated association is particularly well suited to smaller, simpler clubs.  Typically these clubs would not employ staff, own significant assets (e.g. land, investments or facilities) or enter into significant contracts.

There are a number of other structures that clubs can take, the most common alternative being a limited company. There is a large amount of information available about the legal structures clubs typically take, the sportscotland help for clubs pages (see link below) are a great place to start.

If your club is looking at changing its structure for any reason then please contact the Triathlon Scotland affiliation development team for support.


Governance is about having the right people, policies and structures in place to ensure the safe and successful operation of your club. Having good governance in place will allow your club to:

  • have volunteers the are effective and happy
  • focus time on what is important to the club
  • protect members and volunteers
  • meet criteria for funding opportunities

Triathlon Scotland aim to help clubs implement good governance as easily as possible, to do this we have produced a number of template policies which can be found in the download section below.


Head to our Club Development Planning section of the toolkit for more information on this area of club governance.


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