A coach makes notes poolsideThere are more than 280 UKCC qualified triathlon coaches in Scotland, each playing a key role in developing triathlon in clubs across the country. Our coaching programme is based on the Coaching Scotland blueprint, created by sportscotland.


There are currently three levels of UKCC Triathlon qualifications available for candidates to complete. These courses are delivered by our pool of expert coach tutors.


Throughout the year, we provide a range of professional development opportunities for qualified triathlon coaches, including open water swim training, closed road cycling and opportunities to critically reflect and share best practice.


What is coaching?

Coaching in triathlon is about helping participants to take part safely in the sport and to help them to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.  Often people decide to complete a triathlon as a challenge but sometimes don’t really know where to start with their preparations.  This is where a coach can be a great help.  They can help you to plan your training, monitor your progress and teach you how to complete a multi-sport event. 

If you’re a more experienced athlete, regular coaching can make a huge difference to your performances in races by helping you to improve on your weaknesses and develop your strengths across all three disciplines.


For everyone, the best place to find a coach is to contact your local triathlonscotland affiliated club, who will have a range of trained coaches to help you to achieve your goals.

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