Coaching Membership Packages

Our coaching community is at the very heart of the sport of triathlon and it is for this very reason that we are launching two new coach packages on 1 June 2017 to enhance the Triathlon Scotland membership for qualified coaches.

Coach Essential
The Coach Essential package is ideally suited for the volunteer club community coach, where the Coach Plus is more suitable for the professional or commercially based coach who operates across several venues, including training camps within the UK and abroad. Both have the same £15 million public liability insurance benefit together with the £10 million professional indemnity benefit.

Coach Plus
The Coach Plus package is available to level 2 and level 3 Triathlon Scotland coaches only and has added insurance benefits including cover for fitness related activities allied to triathlon coaching such as, circuit training, Personal Trainer, pilates, spinning classes, watt bike sessions and yoga. Also included within the Coach Plus package is a loss of earnings insurance benefit for accidental injury sustained whilst taking part in triathlon activity including coaching.


Membership Type Adult Coach Essential Coach Plus
Price £36 – £40 £36 – £40 £70 – £74


Insurance Includes
Public Liability – £15,000,000 X X X
Professional Indemnity – £10,000, 000 X X
Personal Accident – £50,000 X X X
Extended cover for commercial coaches who are qualified to coach additional triathlon related activities * X
Loss of earnings benefit for accidental injury whilst taking part in triathlon coaching activity ** X
Coach worldwide cover *** (see conditions) X


Race Licence X X X


Medical Benefits
Dental – £2500 X X X
Overnight hospital expenses (see conditions)  X X X
Death – £10,000 X X X
Permanent disablement- £50,000  X  X X


Access To
Continuous free access to British Triathlons’ Official Learning Hub X X
Discounted coaching products & services X X
Coaching courses & CPD opportunities X X
Free advice & support from Triathlon Scotland  X X X
Free CPD opportunities to work as a coach with Triathlon Scotland’s Area Skill School Programme  X  X X
Eligibility for nomination for the Triathlon Scotland & British Triathlon coaching awards & prestigious UK coaching awards  X X
Eligibility to become a Tutor/Mentor X
Membership card to include coach level  X X
Triathlon Scotland lanyard & holder (upon qualification)  X X
Option to display Level 3 coach details within British Triathlon’s website ‘Coach Finder’ pages (from Sept 2017) X

* See attached appendix detailing activities covered.
** Loss of earnings benefit for accidental injury whilst taking part in triathlon coaching activity is for 75% of a member’s weekly wage of up to £500 for 13 weeks. The deferment period is 13 weeks. 
*** Worldwide cover applies if you are not a resident in the USA & do not travel to the USA for any longer than 90 days.


More information on the insurance cover can be found in the Coach Essential & Coach Plus Insurance Cover Details and Guidance Note which can be downloaded below.




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