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3If you want to get into paratriathlon for the first time we’ve got all the information you’ll need.

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Getting Started

If you want to try and become a bit more active, regardless of your disability or medical condition, triathlon can be the sport for you. If you are not sure about swimming you can do a duathlon (running and cycling) and if you don’t want to cycle you could either use a tandem, tricycle or other adapted bike, or do an aquathlon (running and swimming). You can use a wheelchair for the running section.

Disability Novice Training Days

British Triathlon will be running some Novice Training Days specifically for people with a disability across the country starting in October [2016]. These will take place in accessible venues with equipment available and friends and family can take part too. No experience is needed! To receive further details, please contact Ilona Berry.



Not sure if you’re ready to take on an organised triathlon event? Why not create your own with #YourGOTRI at Simply pick a swim, cycle and run from a range of fun options and complete each one in your own time, to finish your very first triathlon – from a splash in the bath to a 750m swim, from a bike ride with friends to something a bit further and perhaps a run for the bus – the joy of #YourGOTRI!


GO TRI is a useful website containing hints and tips and guides on completing a triathlon.  Take a look here.


A number of specific Paratriathlon events (for athletes with certain categories of disability) and events for people with any disability take place each year. To find out more, please visit the British Triathlon Paratriathlon events page. There are also over a thousand other open events taking place throughout the year across a range of distances and disciplines (triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon) which you can take part in as well. If you have any concerns, then please contact the race organiser and they will try to accommodate any additional requirements you may have.


Everyone and anyone can compete in triathlon regardless of their level of ability or impairment. However, if you wish to compete specifically in ‘Paratriathlon’ events or have ambitions of being a Paralympian then you will need to be classified so that it can be decided which category you would fit into. To find out more about classification and how to be classified visit our classification page.


Most triathlon clubs are very accommodating and inclusive and will offer help to anyone who comes along. If you want to know more about a club before going along for the first time then it is often a good idea to get in contact before you go so that you can be assured about what to expect when you do go.

Use our Club Finder to find clubs in your local area!

Getting Advice

If you need specific advice about how to get started in your local area then please contact Development Manager: Calum Reid.


The coach education programme includes Paratriathlon, and all British triathlon coaches, have access to the latest resources to support them coaching paratriathletes. Paratriathlon is embedded in the programme at all levels allowing coaches to develop and support all athletes to achieve their own triathlon goals.  Coaches can access this information via the coaches hub .


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