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Happy 5th Anniversary!

We are delighted to announce a fifth year partnering with Legends Promotional Products and we are also very happy to reveal the Legends Ranking Series events for 2017!

2017 Legends Ranking Series V3 (Excel)

Please note that as events are allocated Legends Ranking Series status at the beginning of the season, some dates are still TBC.  Also, the information contained within the download above is subject to change.

Our Legends Ranking Series awards ceremony will take place at Exchange on 26 November 2017, please mark the date in your diary!

Updates & Results

2017 Legends Ranking Series – October Adult FINAL (Excel download)

2017 Legends Ranking Series – October Youth FINAL (Excel download)

2017 Legends Ranking Series – October Club FINAL (Excel download)

What’s new in 2017?

Following feedback regarding the series, we have made a few small changes to the Legends Ranking Series

  • We have added a new Youth Triathlon ranking series
  • We have added more events to our very popular Sprint Triathlon ranking series
  • The maximum number of events to count for Youth Aquathlon is now the best three (decreased from four)
  • We have removed the Super Sprint Triathlon ranking series

Why have we made changes?

With a growing number of youth triathlons on the event calendar, we thought that the time was right to introduce a Youth Triathlon series.  As our Youth Aquathlon series is very popular, we have decreased the maximum number of events to count from four to three in our Youth Aquathlon series and our new Youth Triathlon series.

We have also decided to remove the Super Sprint series due to low participation of members and to keep these events novice friendly.  To compensate, and as a result of your feedback we have added more events to our Sprint Triathlon series.

What is the Legends Ranking Series?

The Legends Ranking Series is an important membership benefit and is enjoyed by our members across Scotland. The Legends Ranking Series recognises and rewards consistent participation in our permitted events.  Members gain points while participating in the Legends Ranking Series events and these points can eventually lead to an overall and / or age group prize.

We also have a prize for our affiliated triathlon clubs.  We have two categories, large club (150+ members) and small club (1-149 members) and to determine the winners, we add up all eligible club member individual ranking points.  So get your friends involved!

Am I eligible?

Firstly, to be eligible for your results to count, you or your child must be a member of Triathlon Scotland before each race you wish to consider for Legends Ranking Series points.  If you are not a member, join today!

If you or your child does not have a valid membership before you start a rankings event, your results are removed before our calculations are done.

To earn points for your club, please ensure that the correct club is listed on your membership card. If it is missing, please contact pamelasneddon@triathlonscotland.org.

How is the Legends Ranking Series calculated?

Firstly, please see the note above about membership under ‘am I eligible’.

The minimum number of events on which points are calculated is two, and the maximum number of events to count in a series is your best three.  This is the same number for adults and youth.

Using the 40th percentile calculation, only the top 40% of the field influence the points allocated. It doesn’t matter whether the race is faster or slower, it just depends on how you measure up to the first 40% of the field.  The more members in the top 40% the better your score will be.

With this system the winner gets proportionally more points to reflect how much they have won by and if first and second competitors are close in time, they will get almost the same number of points to reflect that their performances were almost equal.

It is important to note that you can be the winner of a race(s) listed in the Legends Ranking Series, but as our calculation is based on how your performance measures up to the first 40% of the field, it will not guarantee that you will be an overall or age group Legends Ranking Series winner.

If you have any questions, please read our full rankings series guide in the link below or email pamelasneddon@triathlonscotland.org or contact our office on 01786 466 921.

What prize categories are there?

For each of the adult ranking series, the male and female prize categories are:

  • Overall first, second and third place winners – trophy and prize
  • Overall age group winners – memento and prize
    (age categories are junior, under 23, senior, veteran, super veteran, vintage and super vintage).

For the Youth Aquathlon & Triathlon series, the male and female prize categories are:

  • Overall first, second and third place winners – trophy and prize

About our sponsor

The Legends Ranking Series is sponsored by Legends Promotional Products. Based in Perth, Legends can supply all of your club and event promotional goods, as well as event branding, gazebos, flags and team clothing. Visit the Legend’s website in our useful links section below or contact Nick Oswald by email to nick@legend-s.co.uk.

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