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What is Positive Coaching Scotland?

Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) is a programme developed by sportscotland and Winning Scotland Foundation to create a positive environment in youth sport.  It is designed to teach young people life lessons and skills through sport, focusing on encouraging effort and learning, improving performance and fostering competition thus helping young people to understand the importance of effort rather than winning at all costs.

The programme involves the key influencers in a young person’s life, including coaches, teachers, parents and club leaders and offers CPD workshops and support tools for each of these key groups.  It is believed that if children and young people are to benefit from playing sport then it is important that all key influencers in their lives adopt the values of PCS and understand its 2 main goals:

  1. The first goal is winning:
    • Learning to compete effectively is necessary in sport and life
    • Wanting to win, not at all costs but through concerted effort
  2. The second goal is teaching young people important, character building life lessons through sport, qualities and attributes that will equip them for the future such as:
    • Leadership
    • Handling Adversity
    • Teamwork
    • Persistence
    • Compassion

Three key principles are used to achieve these goals:

1.  Honour our sport (ROOTS)

It is crucial to teach young people how to honour their sport and teach respect for rules, opponents, officials, teammates, and self.

2.  Redefine “winner” (ELM)

We want young people to see beyond the scoreboard when taking part in their sport.  True winning comes from giving your best possible effort, continually improving by learning every time you play, and maximising your potential by not being afraid to make mistakes and getting better by learning from them.

3.  Fill the emotional tank (E-Tank)

Young people need to feel appreciated no matter what their ability within their chosen sport.  It is crucial to fill the E-Tanks of young people by ensuring that we encourage, teach, appreciate, provide non-verbal support and know how to praise.

How can Positive Coaching Scotland help my club?

Positive Coaching Scotland can help you create a positive, enjoyable environment in your club for everyone involved, not just the young athletes but the club coaches, volunteers and “slightly older” triathletes too!

This positive environment can help you:

  1. Develop better triathletes
  2. Develop people through triathlon
  3. Build and sustain a strong and positive culture in triathlon.

By driving a positive culture in your club you are influencing and shaping the culture of the sport and creating an environment that will increase participation, improve standards and achieve your club’s ultimate ambitions.

Clubs who have already adopted PCS have commented that they have seen a growth in their club and that they have not only recruited new members but retained them.  Their club has an inclusive feel, the members operate as one team unit and their confidence and enjoyment has soared since PCS was adopted.  Furthermore, their technical ability and skills have improved, evidencing that the programme has the ability to create the right environment to help nurture potential talent.

To hear about one club’s experiences with PCS, click on the logo below to watch this video about Glasgow Fever basketball club produced by sportscotland:

How can I get my club involved?

To get your club involved in PCS, the first step to take is to contact Triathlon Scotland’s Development Staff to discuss your club’s aims and ambitions around the programme.  They will also talk you through the ideal process a club should follow when implementing PCS, which is outlined in the flowchart below.

Once you have discussed PCS with Triathlon Scotland, you can create a timeline for attending the FREE PCS Workshops, which can be arranged with support from our Development Team.  The first one your club should attend is the Club Leaders Workshop, which is designed for committee members and all those who play a key role in leading and running your club.

Following this workshop your Club Leaders will have a better understanding of the programme and how it can be used to support the development of your club.  They can then develop a PCS action plan that is tailored to your club needs and schedule dates for Coaches Workshops to train your club coaches.

Following the Coaches Workshop(s) your coaches will begin to implement PCS philosophies in their coaching practice at club sessions, shaping the culture in your club and creating a positive environment that increases participation and improves standards and enjoyment.

Thereafter you can begin to involve parents of young athletes in the club by hosting a Parents Workshop.  By involving parents in encouraging their children to participate in sport you can help them prepare their youngsters for life, teaching them vital character-building life lessons, such as:

  • Building self confidence
  • Staying fit and healthy
  • Developing discipline
  • Setting targets
  • Becoming team players
  • Coping with failures and bouncing back
  • Handling criticism

Furthermore, involving parents in the PCS roll out in your club will help to develop the positive culture both your Club Leaders and Coaches have created from their workshops.

In addition to these workshops there are materials and a toolkit to take away to help you deliver the key messages and sustainably implement the programme’s values.  The sportscotland website also hosts some useful information and resources on their Positive Coaching Scotland pages that you can access at any time.

Finally Triathlon Scotland host various PCS Workshops at their Conference and Exchange – keep an eye out for these and get your club involved!

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