TriSafe Coach Endorsement

About the TriSafe Coach Endorsement

Triathlon Scotland strive to create and support clubs to create an environment where all athletes can have an enjoyable experience, where they have the opportunity to develop their skills, challenge themselves and learn more about the sport in a safe, supported environment.

The TriSafe Coach endorsement is a new minimum operating standard for coaches who regularly and actively deliver coaching to groups of athletes under 18 years old. Everyone who participates in triathlon is entitled to do so in an enjoyable and safe environment. In particular, children and vulnerable adults are entitled to a duty of care and to be protected from abuse. The TriSafe Coach endorsement has been introduced to:

  • Ensure all young people access coaching from individuals who have the appropriate qualifications and training, and are suitably vetted.
  • Make it easier for coaches to understand what steps they need to take to ensure they meet the minimum operating standards for coaching young people in triathlon.
  • Make it easier for clubs to identify coaches who meet the minimum operating standard and who are suitably qualified, confident and prepared to deliver/cover sessions involving young people within the club.


Who is it for?

The Tri-Safe Coach endorsement is for all qualified triathlon coaches who are actively and regularly coaching athletes under the age of 18 in Scotland.

By 2020, The TriSafe Coach endorsement will become a mandatory requirement for all triathlon coaches who meet this criteria and as such we actively encourage all coaches and clubs to plan ahead for this change in approach.


How do coaches meet the minimum operating standard to be a TriSafe Coach?

To be a TriSafe Coach, coaches must hold:

  • A home nations issued triathlon coaching qualification
  • A PVG certificate(s) for your current coaching environment(s)
  • A Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop certificate (dated within the past 3 years)

The TriSafe Coach endorsement is valid for a period of 3 years. After three years coaches will need to have their PVG and Safeguarding & Protecting Children Certificate updated at which point the Safeguarding certificate can be submitted to Triathlon Scotland for a further 3 year TriSafe Coach endorsement period.


What do coaches who meet the criteria to become a TriSafe Coach need to do?

Contact the Triathlon Scotland Coaching Development Manager, Susie Benson at and include a copy of your valid Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop certificate. You will then receive an updated version of your Coaching Qualification certificate detailing your TriSafe Coach endorsement including your renewal date.

Please be aware that all coaches who meet the TriSafe Coach criteria have not been endorsed by 2020 then they will not be recognised as a coach for delivering to groups of young people under the age of 18.


Needing to attend a Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop?

Triathlon Scotland have several Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshops running across the country. Please head across to Entry Central for a list of upcoming workshop dates by clicking here.


Our aim is that by introducing the TriSafe Coach endorsement we are proactively supporting the growth of a safe, supported and positive environment for all participants within our sport.


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