Ibiza ETU European Multisport Championships – results

25th Oct 2018 | Written by Gemma Simpson

Here is the medal roll of honour, and results from each event taking place in Ibiza from 20th to 28th October for Scottish members.  Full results are here.

If you are interested in racing for Great Britain, then please click here to find out more information about getting involved!


David Horne (45-49) ETU Sprint Distance Duathlon European Championships
Tom Graham-Marr (16-19) ETU Aquathlon European Championships
Julia Hector (65-69) ETU Aquathlon European Championships
Rosemary Haddock (30-34) ETU Middle Distance European Championships
Grant Young (65-69) ETU Aquabike European Championships


Sandy Holl (16-19) ETU Sprint Distance Duathlon European Championships
Robert Harrison (45-49) ETU Middle Distance European Championships
Miriam Rennett (55-59) ETU Aquabike European Championships


Dave Smith (50-54) ETU Sprint Distance Duathlon European Championships
Eric Wardle (55-59) ETU Aquathlon European Championships
Reuben Villalain (30-34) ETU Cross Triathlon European Championships
David Reeves (35-39) ETU Aquabike European Championships

ETU Aquabike European Championships

Grant Young (65-69) 1st
Miriam Rennett (55-59) 2nd
David Reeves (35-39) 3rd
Jon Halley (30-34) 7th
Sally Newman-Carter 16th

ETU Middle Distance European Championships

Rosemary Haddock (30-34) 1st
Robert Harrison (45-49) 2nd
Deborah Comer (45-49) 4th
Jennifer McKenna (25-29) 4th
Leanne Thompson (30-34) 4th
Lara MacLean (45-49) 5th
James Allan (60-64) 7th
Imogen Harvey (30-34) 16th
Gerard Seenan (45-49) 17th
Scott Findlay (25-29) 17th
Andrew Scott (40-44) 20th
Richard McGaw (30-34) 23rd

ETU Cross Triathlon European Championships

Ruben Villalain (30-34) 3rd
Grant Young (65-69) 4th
Sara de Pablo (30-34) 5th
Richard Frickleton (35-39) 12th
Stuart McLaren (55-59) 14th
Euan Batten (40-44) 20th
Leahn Parry (40-44) 25th
Roy Mitchell (45-49) 25th
Erin Beveridge (30-34) DNF

ETU Aquathlon European Championships

Tom Graham-Marr (16-19) 1st
Julia Hector (65-69) 1st
Eric Wardle (55-59 3rd
Sam Burton (16-19) 4th
Arlene Lewis (45-49) 5th
Ursula Ryder (55-59) 6th
Douglas Wood (70-74) 6th
Martin Duthie (55-59) 10th
Liam Goldie (35-39) 11th
Ben Sharp (25-29) 16th
Lyndsey Blair (35-39) 17th
Elspeth Burton (50-54) 17th
Fergus McDowall (45-49) 20th
David Stewart (50-54) 20th
Ian Bell (45-49) 24th

ETU Cross Duathlon European Championships

David Stewart (50-54) 8th
Leahn Parry (40-44) 15th
Marc Preece (40-44) 16th
Euan Batten (40-44) 19th

ETU Standard Distance Duathlon European Championships

Tim Brand (55-59) 5th
Kevan McCartney (40-44) 19th

ETU Sprint Distance Duathlon European Championships

David Horne (45-49) 1st
Sandy Holl (16-19) 2nd
Dave Smith (50-54) 3rd
Martin Duthie (55-59) 6th
Mandy Stewart (30-34) 6th
Alastair Stewart (60-64) 9th
Angela Irving (35-39) 13th
Douglas Cowie (65-69) 14th
Frank McMahon (65-69) 19th

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