Board Profiles

Name Job Title & Description
Gavin Calder President
As President, Gavin oversees all activity of the board and represents Triathlon Scotland in the wider community.
Andy Salmon  Chair
Andy is responsible for the management of Triathlon Scotland board meetings and representing Triathlon Scotland in the wider community.
Lynne Lauder Events Director
Lynne is responsible for supporting the development of events in Scotland and works closely with the Events and Marketing Manager.
Jill McIntyre Equality and Welfare Director
The main areas Jill covers are: child protection, health and safety, general welfare and anti-doping as well as working with the organisation to ensure our sport and policies are equitable.
Tony Stanger Performance Director
Tony is responsible for supporting the performance team within Triathlon Scotland and works closely with the Head of Performance.
Stephen Morrow Finance Director
Stephen works closely with the CEO to ensure the financial stability of Triathlon Scotland .
Justine Allen Coaching and Development Director
Justine is responsible for supporting development and coaching in Scotland and works closely with the National Development Manager.
Chris Black Communications, Marketing and Sponsorship Manager
Chris is responsible for supporting communications and marketing within Triathlon Scotland and also seeks out sponsorship opportunities whilst helping to support current sponsors. He works closely with the Events and Marketing Manager.

Additional Support

Name Job Title & Description
Bob Newton National Rules and Technical Representative
Technical Official Tutor / Co-ordinator
M: 07841 481482
Alan Skilling Financial Services Advisor
Providing financial management and support for the board.

Our Partners

Triathlon Scotland is proud to work alongside the following partners and sponsors.

  • Equality in Sport
  • British Triathlon
  • sportscotland
  • University of Stirling
  • Winning Students Scotland
  • Blue Seventy
  • Legends S
  • ImacImages Photography
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