Event Marketing

So that you can attract as many people as possible to enter your event, here are our ten top tips for event marketing success!

  1. Use the Triathlon Scotland website fully to advertise your event!  You can add social media links, a video and image to your page, as well as a description of your event.  We will also push out your event on our social media pages.
  2. Use the British Triathlon website fully to advertise your event! To add your event, visit this link https://events.britishtriathlon.org/members/login
  3. Create an event page on your club or organisation’s website, or better still, create a bespoke website for your event.
  4. Create an event Facebook page, populate it with great images and video content and encourage your event team to share it far and wide to generate likes.  For wider reach outside of your own networks, create promoted posts (paid for advertising) to attract likes and sign ups.
  5. Create an event Instagram page, create a bespoke event hashtag, and then post great images, videos and stories. For wider reach outside of your own networks, create promoted posts (paid for advertising) to attract likes and sign ups.
  6. Create an event poster or large banner to display in your event venue and local area.  You can use our templates below, or use free software such as Pictochart to create your own.
  7. Distribute / display event flyers in your event venue and local area, and with permission, distribute at other sporting events.
  8. If you have a database, contact your previous entrants to let them know when entry will open.  Offer incentives such as early bird discounts to sign up.  If you don’t have a database, you can create and manage one through free software such as MailChimp, but make sure that you are data protection compliant and have permission to contact them.
  9. Create a ’12 weeks to triathlon’ training programme and work with your local sports centre / health club to deliver this to get new people race ready.
  10. Partner with another organisation such as a local company or a charity.  This will not only help to increase your entries, but will also help to attract volunteers to help out.

We are happy to come and meet with you to help with your event marketing plan, so just get in touch with events@triathlonscotland.org anytime and we can visit you.

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