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Penny Rother – far right with her British age group team mates. Photo via Annie Thomas on Twitter


Become a #worldtriathlete

Did you know you can compete in triathlon when you are 87? It’s true! Just take Bill Ziering (USA) for example, who is a World Champion in his age category.

Or did you know you can also compete in Age-Group events in different multisport categories? There are Age-Group Duathlon, Aquathlon, Aquabike and Cross races!

And Age-Group triathletes from the around the world are much more than just racers classified behind an age category. They are so much more.

They are athletes. They train for hours in a week. They dedicate their time. They make sacrifices. They step up to start lines. They cross finish lines. They are World Triathletes.

So, who are World Triathletes?

Well, the answer is simple…YOU ARE!  And you can race for Great Britain!



The Great Britain Age-Group competition offers all Home Nation members a unique opportunity to compete at International Level in triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, and cross triathlon. If you make the team, you can be proud to represent Great Britain and enjoy the experience of racing at an International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Championship or European Triathlon Union (ETU) European Championship.

Age-group athletes are a diverse group of athletes. Some athletes start racing at age-group competitions when they are 16, others start when they are 60. Each athlete will have their own personal goals and motivation for attempting to qualify for the GB Age-Group Team. Some athletes wish to stand on the podium in European or World Championships, others are happy to participate and experience the thrill of competing at international level.

Watch BBC breakfast’s Louise Minchin talk about how she caught the triathlon bug and got into Age Group racing.  Click the image below or click here.

More information about Age Group Teams and how it all works can be found in the sections below.


Age Group Races

Click here to see this season’s calendar of Age-Group races.


How to Qualify

To gain selection and become a GE Great Britain Age-Group Athlete, you will need to:

1. Join your Home Nation association.

2. Choose the Championship(s) you would like to qualify for by looking at our Championship event registration pages; the qualification criteria will differ between events.

Sprint and Standard Distance Triathlon/Duathlon:
Enter a specified qualifying event(s) for the Championship you would like to qualify for through the race organiser.

Middle and Long Distance Triathlon/Duathlon, Cross and Winter Triathlon, Aquathlon:
Submit a best past performance from a race that you can nominate yourself that meets the standard set out on the relevant Championship event registration page. Please see stage 4 for more information.

3. Register your intent to compete on a team with British Triathlon.

To do this, log into your account on ‘My Account’ and on your personal welcome page click the ‘GB Age-Group’ tab on the left hand side and then click ‘Register for an Event’. Select the Championship you would like to register for from the list and then follow the qualification and registration instructions detailed on the event page. For Middle and Long Distance Triathlon/Duathlon, Cross and Winter Triathlon and Aquathlon you will need to submit your best past performance in the ‘Performance Details’ box. Please visit the Championship registration page for more details.

Please note: You are registering your intent to qualify for a Championship NOT a qualifying race. You do not need to inform anyone which qualifying race(s) you are doing. Registration is £10 and is completely separate to any notification you may be asked to give on the event entry form when you enter a qualification race. You must register by 5pm on the Friday before the qualifying event you are competing in.

5. Race well and qualify under the criteria outlined in the Championship event registration page.

If you are successful in qualifying, specific details about the event you have qualified for will be communicated via e-mail. You will have two more steps to complete if you qualify:

6. Pay the team management and race entry fee as set out on the team confirmation email. Once you have qualified you will receive a notification e-mail with information on the next steps to take.

7. Book your flights and accommodation. Contact Nirvana Europe, British Triathlon’s Official Travel and Accommodation Supplier to the Great Britain Age-Group Team.

Important Notes
Where there are specific qualification races, you cannot race in a qualifying event and then register your intent to compete. You must register by 5pm on the Friday before the qualifying event you are competing in.

For long distance events, cross and winter triathlon, and aquathlons there are no specific qualification events that you will need to enter. Instead there will be a standard that you must have met to gain selection from a race that you can nominate yourself. Please visit the championship registration page for more details.

You can enter and compete in more than one qualification event but you only need to register once for each Championship.

You can qualify for multiple Championships, although current ITU rules do not allow an athlete to take part in two events within a 48 hour period at the same Championships.

If a qualification event acts as a qualifier for more than one Championship you must register for both Championships if you intend to qualify for both. You will only be considered for selection in the events for which you have registered your intent. Sprint and Standard distances are considered separate Championships.


Pre-Qualification, Discretionary and Roll Down Places

Click here for the Pre-Qualification Policy which details the necessary criteria for 2016 and 2017 pre-qualification.

Discretionary places will only be awarded under exceptional circumstances. To apply for a discretionary place, an athlete must submit a Discretionary Place Application Form which can be obtained by emailing For more information, please click here.

Roll Down Places. If spare places are available after the completion of all the qualification events, pre-qualification events and discretionary place allocation, these places will be offered to reserves. These are known as “roll down” places. For more information on these places, please click here.



You must be a current member and holding a full race licence (day licence not valid) of one of British Triathlon’s Home Nations: Triathlon England / Triathlon Scotland / Welsh Triathlon. Your full race licence is internationally endorsed by the ITU.

You must be either a legal resident in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland or a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

You must be in good standing with your Home Nation, British Triathlon and the ITU.


Costs, Payments and Refunds

All athletes registering their intent to qualify will pay a standard application fee of £10. Athletes who successfully gain a place in the team will pay an additional fee of £20 for team support, plus the official race entry fee.

There can be no refunds of the £10 application fee or the £20 support fee. Refunds can be given on the race entry fee but only if British Triathlon has not processed the payment with the race organiser.

For more information on costs, please click here.


Age Group Kit

All ETU and ITU championships are run under the ITU, please make yourself aware of the relevant Age-Group uniform and sponsorship rules

British Triathlon Age Group kit can be purchased from


Age Group Categories

Your age group category is determined by the age you are on the 31st December in the year that you are competing. For example, if you are 35 on 1st August 2013 you will be in the 35-39 age group for the whole of 2013.

Code Category Age
8 TriStars Start 8
9-10 TriStars 1 9-10
11-12 TriStars 2 11-12
13-14 TriStars 3 13-14
A Youths 15-16
B Junior B 17-18
C Junior C 19
D Seniors 1 20-24
E Seniors 2 25-29
F Seniors 3 30-34
G Seniors 4 35-39
H Veterans 1 40-44
I Veterans 2 45-49
J Veterans 3 50-54
K Veterans 4 55-59
L Veterans 5 60-64
M Veterans 6 65-69
N Veterans 7 70-74
P Veterans 8 75-79
Q Veterans 9 80+

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